Meet Ayana

Ayana's Glory Locs, a home based hair care business owned and operated by Ayana Hardin, was established in July 2001. The journey began in October of 2000 when Ayana decided to have all of the perm cut out of her hair through the encouragement of her daughter Tracy. After researching the process and consulting with other hair care professionals Ayana began the process of the twisting style for her locs.

During the process of locing her hair Ayana often received quizzical and disapproving looks from the other non-naptural clients in the salon. Despite their reaction, Ayana experienced an overwhelming feeling of freedom at the completion of the process. Ayana described it as a spiritual freedom, "At that moment I felt as if the sky had just opened up and shackles had dropped from my arms and legs."

Continuing on her journey Ayana discovered that in addition to mainstream stylists, Natural hair care providers, like the Loctician Ayana saw, commonly used synthetic hair products such as Pro-con Styling Gel, on natural hair rather than only natural styling products, such as aloe vera. This discovery prompted Ayana to consider how she could become more skilled and knowledgeable in this area. How could she possibly help other individuals interested in going naptural know what to expect from Naptural Hair care Providers?

This was the catalyst to obtain the education, training and skills in the areas of naptural hair that became Ayana's Glory Locs.

Ayana's goal is to provide quality naptural hair services in a holistic, nurturing and culturally stimulating environment. Special emphasis is placed on creating clean, healthy hair and educating clients on proper hair care for their naptural hair journey.